Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Mensch Matrix

Above is an attempt at demonstrating the interconnected qualities of menschiness, sent by Jonathan Gellman, a reader of Mensch-Marks. Click to enlarge.

See the original letter explaining the Matrix below (click to enlarge)

Addendum to the letter:

Dear Rabbi Hammerman:
You are welcome to post my Mensch Matrix in your blog, which will hopefully lead to further variation and improvement. Among the challenges of trying to categorize, does Humor (a largely postbiblical virtue) really lead to Transcendence (for Shakespeare, maybe), or should it be moved to a rung leading to Humanity?  I lean to that latter result, although in the current progression toward Humanity, Humor seems to come from a different path. That dilemma may suggest the limits of two-dimensional tables and matrices in conveying how traits are shaped into a personality: in our human complexity, traits can not only play out differently for individuals, but also influence the direction of more than one path of feeling or thought.) 

With best wishes for your blog and your next work-in-progress.